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Loyal readers will have noted that this blog and my comments in print have been absent these past several months. Sadly, in December, the student paper decided not to renew my column for the Spring semester and I took the opportunity to dive head-long into my full time study of Sustainability and completing my transition to my new department. This has been an enormously rewarding endeavor and I look forward to the continued pursuit of understanding and knowledge in my new field. At the same time, I have missed the opportunity to reflect more or less formally and particularly in print (think deadlines!). Writing has a way of grounding theory in reality, and of forcing one to truly work through what they mean. As Interim Dean of the Graduate School David Bell once put it: ‘a thought is not real until you write it down.’ I have discovered the truth of this. Of course, talking to people about our future and the challenges of our times is also stimulating, inspiring and educational. And, I have grown to value this highly as well. In my pursuit to re-purpose these exercises, I look forward to returning to the blogging world refreshed, invigorated, and re-inspired. Stay-tuned!


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